Location Spotlight: Dracon

Spotlights are a weekly post about a character, location, or concept from Poas (or adjacent realms). They offer a deep single-glance view that may other wise be spread across the pages.

North of the Eplear Range, there was nothing but ice, frozen forests, and dragons… and magic. Magic in such abundance, it solidifies into the crimson gem called mana crystal. The sanctuary of Dracon was created here by the archmage Cazlandt as a place for others of his kind to escape the slaughter of the Hallowed Campaign. 1200 years ago he led a group through the Range and erected Castle Dracon as a place for his people to live.

Dracon was intended to be a shining testament to the glory of the archmages, but as mana crystal was exported to the people of Poas, granting them the power of magic, the Hallowed Campaign came to an end. No longer fearing for their lives, archmages settled, had families and spread wide across the frozen land of magic, creating new villages and communities.

Six-hundred years after Cazlandt erected Castle Dracon with a single, grand display of magic, Dracon was formally recognized as a nation with Cazlandt’s only known child Searcy as the first king. He ruled for centuries as the nation slowly grew. Twenty-five years ago, Searcy was killed and his first-born Lilan is now queen.

Dracon is known as the nation of archmages, but also has sole access the realm’s flow of mana crystal, giving it nearly full control over magic in the human nations. Despite being separated by a treacherous mountain range and the deep, deadly cold, Dracon’s power in Poas remains firm.

Art by Ryan Allen

Published by jsamland

Author Jamie M. Samland is an avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy. He lives in Michigan with his husband and their cats.

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