Character Spotlight: General Miech

Miech is genius artificer and one of the three generals of the Dracon army. And as Kiol likes to remind him, Miech is a mere crystal mage. He’s worked hard for decades, using his peerless mind to compete against archmages with greater raw power. Loud, burly, with dark hair and eyes, Miech is the quintessential northerner.

“I don’t think it’s much of a surprise that Daelin’s natural skill is what made me decide to become an artificer,” Miech finally said. “I was finishing up at the Academy, in my early twenties when he, the prince, not yet with his archmage powers, was creating genius devices. Items for teleportation, communication, basic quality of life things for light and heat. He was creating mechanical solutions for magic spells. I thought ‘if he can make those things without being an archmage, I surely can as a crystal mage’.”

General Miech to Lone on why he became an artificer

We see him doing commissioned work for Jazelyn and Lone and always producing his work in the form of cubes. A sphere would be a more efficient shape for a magical device but “spheres roll around too damned much”. When we finally see inside Miech’s workshop in Castle Dracon, we wonder how he ever kept things straight with the racks containing thousands of cubes.

Though he is no fighter, Miech does not shy from battle. He just prefers to stick to the edges and pick out the device from his bag that would resolve the situation the best.

Behind the scenes, Miech probably had more scenes cut and replaced in the final edit than any other character. He had a fun scene sharing a room with Kiol overnight in Terswood and the following morning where he found Lone and Bard together. We got to see more of his personality playing against the other characters. Overall, staying in Terswood for the period didn’t fit and it was all removed. Luckily, Lone joined in for the expedition north.

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