Seeds at 50% and Rising

Today marks five months since the release of Realms of Terswood and I’m proud to announce the second book in the Chronicler’s Awaken series, Seeds of Farsil, is half way through the first edit. The second half still needs some work but things are still on track for a summer release.

Daelin and Teiris take a backseat as focus shifts between Alishia and Lone in their own separate but similar stories while introducing a few colorful new characters to the realms. Alishia is pulled through time by a most unlikely adversary and, with the aid of few heroes of legend, is forced to learn control of her new powers while keeping history on track. In his new role as regent king of Dracon, Lone strives to bring unity to his fractured home of Poas while working on some semblance of a relationship with his father. He ends up discovering the greatest secret of magic hidden for millennia.

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