Wait, Did That Happen?

Realms of Terswood was about 103k words and I have a file of unused and deleted chapters with 60k words. I’m targeting Seeds of Farsil at 115k words and already have 30k in the “UNUSED” folder. The problem I’ve found with letting my brain write without much feedback from me is it creates a number untold truths.

For example…

Realms of Terswood had a whole story arc where Lone, Kiol, and Bard went to rescue Daelin. This was the original introduction of Morna Dey and her daemon minions. Kiol was incapacited at the start and Lone had to watch over him, leaving Bard to dispatch the daemon his own and show off the anti-magic properties of his body. Things ended up where Kiol and Bard were left in a space far underground while Lone teleported his father back to Terswood for medical care, giving the spellslinger and weaponmaster time to talk.

Kiol and Bard had never had a conversation just the two of them before and we got to learn a lot about the backstory of Kiol and Lone being friends as well as how Bard grew up in the Western Isles, raised by only men.

But, this was all cut and was handled totally differently in the final version of the book. With the changes to the book, there was not a place to reinsert something like the scene with Kiol and Bard, yet the scene exists in my mind.

I have to remember going forward that this and several other scenes with complete dialog, combat, and character interaction did not make the final cut. I can hope in future books to have less fat to trim as I go but I can already see it being a challenge to remember what scenes were created that exist only now in my mind (and auxiliary files in the book’s folder on my computer).

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