Concept Spotlight: The 4 (5?) Moons of Poas

The svarters of Terswood have worshiped their goddess Enid and the moons for twelve-thousand years. It only once every four-hundred years that all four moons are risen at once and has always been a time of celebration in Terswood. The early svarters were said to have longer lives than those of modern times and used “moons” as a unit of measure equating to four-hundred solar years. Astromancers have developed wildly complex models to explain the motion of the moons and have proven their work by correctly predicting the seemingly random events of Poas, such as the rise of Ersha and the thaws of Dracon.

The human nations historically to refer to the moons by an arbitrary ordering on a list made thousands of years ago. They have since largely adopted the names used by the svarters.

  • Temra – Temra sometimes rises during the day, though she remains faint in the sky. She is one of the only two moons that waxes and wanes with phases.
  • Erla – Rises nightly and is the other moon that waxes and wanes with phases.
  • Myrell – Rises every three weeks. Many in Poas set their calendars by the regularity of the third moon.
  • Ersha – Astromancers can predict Ersha’s rising but to others it appears to be random when the fourth moon will be visible.
  • Entsra – The moon of myth, said only to have been summoned once by the First High Queen Ters to defeat the daemon hordes. It is said to be a physical manifestation of Enid’s divine will.

Spotlights are posts about a character, location, or concept from the Poas (or adjacent realms). They offer a deep single-glance view that may other wise be spread across the pages. I’ll also offer some background bits about how a piece of the novel changed over time, giving an behind-the-scene view of the process I went through.

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