About the Author

Programmer, mathematician, martial artist, cat dad, nerd, writer.

Jamie M. Samland wanted to be a writer since he was ten years old. A black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Jamie dedicated his debut book, Realms of Terswood, the first volume in The Chronicler’s Awakening series, to his Tae Kwon Do instructor, Grandmaster Rose. As he was preparing for his black belt testing in his mid-thirties, having put his training on pause for eighteen years, Jamie thought of what other things he had started and never finished; publishing a book came to mind immediately. Jamie thinks it’s never too late to reach a goal, you need to just keep pressing toward them. 

An interesting process that Jamie has for his writing is that sometimes the scenes and chapters in his books are constructed out of order. Jamie might know the final chapters of his story but then will go back and write the plots and characters leading up to that. Some of the characters for Jamie’s stories are based on Dungeons and Dragons characters which he plays weekly with friends (over Zoom now). 

Jamie believes that character development is what makes a great story. When a reader has an investment in a character, whether or not they like them, and understands their motives, it heightens story engagement. A story can be great, but without relatable characters, it can fall flat with readers.  

When he isn’t writing thrilling fantasy stories for young adults and new adults, Jamie is a full-time web programmer who actively trains and teaches Tae Kwon Do with his husband. They live in Canton, Michigan with their four cats.