Character Spotlight: General Miech

Miech is genius artificer and one of the three generals of the Dracon army. And as Kiol likes to remind him, Miech is a mere crystal mage. He’s worked hard for decades, using his peerless mind to compete against archmages with greater raw power. Loud, burly, with dark hair and eyes, Miech is the quintessentialContinue reading “Character Spotlight: General Miech”

Character Spotlight: Aiden Hauser

Book two is coming along really well, so I figure it’s fine to give a few spoilers/teasers. I posted about Dehset Tekin recently, well time for another character I love from Book two: Aiden Hauser. He was actually in Realms of Terswood, though not by name. Check the end of chapter 34. Aiden and hisContinue reading “Character Spotlight: Aiden Hauser”

Character Spotlight: Amer

Twenty-five years ago, the necromancer Amer rose to power on the southern continent of Iecil. He rolled over the population, killing thousands, raising them to join his army. The nations of Poas finally discovered him. After five major battles and thousands more dead, Then-Prince Daelin evoked the power of his grandsire Cazlandt, destroying the leyContinue reading “Character Spotlight: Amer”