Realms of Terswood
The Chronicler’s Awakening, Book One [Released Nov 7, 2020]

An ancient weapon of magic is the key to unlocking the past…and saving the future.

Twenty-five years ago, the necromancer Amer rose to power on the southern continent of Iecil, killing thousands and raising them to join his army. Then-Prince Daelin evoked the power of the first archmage, his grandsire Cazlandt, ending the fiend’s reign. Now, it’s up to his two children to stop the destiny of this long-buried plot and uncover the ancient and powerful artifacts their ancestors created to protect their people. Realms of Terswood by Jamie M. Samland is the first volume in The Chronicler’s Awakening, a thrilling and masterfully imaginative fantasy series for young adult and new adult readers.

When Queen Lilan’s son passes away, she hides away in mourning, and her brother, the High Lord Daelin, leaves his new home of Terswood to help see to the matters of Dracon, a duty that should have been left to his son. Daelin is tortured by dreams as he tries to escape the memories of his horrible past and prevent it from becoming their future once again.

When Lord Daelin’s son, Lone, comes across a partial vellum scroll listing ancient objects of power and weapons of magic made by their ancestors, including the archmage Cazlandt, he determines one sword contains a fragment of coalesced energy from another realm discovered centuries earlier and is determined to find the relic before it falls into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, his half-sister Alishia starts to discovery her own inevitable destiny when she finds critical information written by her future self.

Worlds collide for older young adult and new adult readers who will love the fast-paced thrills, the chemistry between the characters, and the interplay of fantasy, magic, warriors, and destiny in Realms of Terswood, book one of The Chronicler’s Awakening series. Author Jamie M. Samland expertly weaves a story that is timeless, bringing together elements of battles of good over evil, ancient relics and powers, self-discovery, and coming of age. Realms of Terswood is a perfect cross-market read for young adults and adult readers alike, who are searching for the next enduring fantasy classic.

Trials of Throk’tar
The Chronicler’s Awakening, Book Two [Releasing Sep 7, 2021]

You can’t change what has already passed…right?

Princess Alishia is struggling to understand her newfound powers as the Chronicler. At Archmage General Jazelyn’s suggestion, Alishia visits The Stacks, the infinite library containing the knowledge of all realms. An encounter with an unlikely adversary there throws her into the distant past. Now she must travel across the ancient and foreign realm of Throk’tar to safeguard thousands of years of history and return home.

Regent King Lone, Alishia’s half-brother, strives to maintain his family’s legacy while securing a lasting peace. He responds to an invitation by the Holy Seat of Acrus to negotiate with the Church of the Ascended, the theocracy responsible for the Hallowed Campaign, the long-ago massacre of mages across the continent.

The Ibaerite Gem, awakened with the power of the Chronicler, is in the hands of Archdruid Etharis and Mage Ruvaal. Perhaps they are not as wise as they thought and through their experimentation, the histories of all realms are in danger.

Journey between the realms and through the Trials of Throk’tar, the second book in The Chronicler’s Awakening series. Find out if swords, spells, and intrigue can change the past’s future.

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