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[Releasing Spring 2023]

Formats: Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback, Hardcover

Elvan Galmoth is the eldest son in one of the five houses of Spheris, capital of the kingdom. With his mother steering the family fortune, the Galmoths rise to the height of prosperity. They crash just as hard when the king reveals the shady origins of that wealth.

Elvan now lives alone in the manor that housed dozens in his youth, trying to understand the scope of his mother’s true dealings in an attempt to clear her name and reclaim the lost family fortune. With the help of Drace, his childhood friend, Elvan maneuvers the dark underground market of illicit magic to uncover who is behind it all.

Action, deception, and surprise love intertwine in a tale of how shadows are always cast by things above.🙏🏻1

Seeds of Farsil

The Chronicler’s Awakening, Book Three [Releasing Sep 13, 2022]

Formats: Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback, Hardcover

If you had the power to go back to undo the worst atrocities, or even a single failure, would you? Should you? Alishia, the Chronicler, grapples with this question and the consequences.

Invaders wielding overwhelming magic bring the leaders of Poas to their knees. They come bearing an invitation to the rebirth of the realm and to witness as they assume singular rule.

Lone, regent king of Dracon and king of the archmages, manages the fallout from his late aunt’s disastrous final moments and this father’s waning sanity, all while struggling to gather allies against this new threat. Should he fail, his enemies will rise to power and leave this nation to waste away in the frozen north.

Alishia, the Chronicler, manipulates her power over time to flit across realms, but she must eventually return home. She arrives just as events are getting to their worst for Lone, leaving her with a dreadful test of her morals and how far she will take her budding power.

Seeds of Farsil marks the last installment in The Chronicler’s Awakening series, though not a finale for the players involved. In a tale of love and loss, cosmic forces reach across time to bring Alishia and Lone’s reality to the brink of annihilation and press them to define what it means to achieve victory.

Ooo Shiny! Vol 1

[Released Aug 8, 2022]

Formats: Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback

The dark lord’s call pulls the exalted king from his eternal slumber, but he’s trapped behind a stone wall. A centipede calls out for help, but what if it’s a hyper-advanced AI from the future? An assassin uses everyday objects in his craft and grooves to 1990s top 40 hits. What if Ivan the Terrible’s Golden Library were hidden under the Red Square Krispy Kreme? Cannibal ghosts drive you into an eating frenzy.

Ooo Shiny! is a series of absurd stories from a mind that can’t focus. Sometimes rambling nonsense that aims to make you smirk or your eyes roll, even the most black-hearted, humorless souls will find at least one chuckle in this collection. Grab a stick of unicorn jerky and respawn into the dungeon next to the D.E.D. sorority mixer! …um… read this book!

Necromancer of Urbus

The Chronicler’s Awakening, Prequel [Released March 2022]

Formats: Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback, Hardcover

Cazlandt, the first of the archmages, seeks atonement.

Attempting to undo the death of a friend, he travels to the corrupted realm of Urbus to discover a spell capable of reaching beyond the final curtain. Guided by a swordsman with his own haunted past and a talking, flying cat, Cazlandt travels across a realm of wraiths and shadow. Battling fragments of banished dark gods, daemon from the space between worlds, and the poisonous energy seeping into his mortal shell, he forges toward the world tree for a single, selfless act.

Though maybe not the one he intended.

In his third novel, author J. M. Samland’s Necromancer of Urbus will suck you into a dark world to watch the spiraling path of his key anti-hero.

Will Cazlandt find what he seeks? Will he make it out of Ubrus without taking a sliver of that cursed realm with him? Read Necromancer of Urbus, prequel to Realms of Terswood and The Chronicler’s Awakening trilogy to find out!

Trials of Throk’tar

The Chronicler’s Awakening, Book Two [Released Sep 7, 2021]

Formats: Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback, Hardcover

You can’t change what has already passed…right?

Throk’tar is the realm home to the gronyn, a race of mighty warriors; noble and strict in their traditions.

Alishia does not belong here.

While struggling to understand her newfound powers as the Chronicler, an encounter with an unlikely adversary throws Alishia into the distant past of Throk’tar. She journeys across the hostile land alongside bickering brothers, hunting the one that brought her to this realm in hopes of finding a way home.

All the while, Alishia is terrified one wrong step in the past might undo her own past. Luckily, her future self left her clues.

Journey alongside a strong female lead between the realms and through the Trials of Throk’tar, the second book in The Chronicler’s Awakening series. Find out if swords, spells, and intrigue can change the past’s future.

Could Alishia cause herself not to be born?

Realms of Terswood

The Chronicler’s Awakening, Book One [Released Nov 7, 2020]

Formats: Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Paperback, Hardcover

An ancient weapon is the key to unlocking the past…and saving the future.

Magic is dying in the realm of Poas. Human archmages rule the frozen north while the svarters keep to their steamy forests in the south.

Lone, prince of the archmages, must set aside his thirst for adventure as he struggles to hold his nation together and find the root of magic’s demise alongside his half-sister Alishia. His aunt grieves for her son’s death and his father abandoned him years ago, leaving Lone to rely on other mages and his partner, the weaponmaster Bard.

Daemon and the undead rise against Lone as he unravels a centuries-old plot too late to stop, and failure means the death of his family and everything he holds dear.

Worlds collide for readers of any age who will love fast-paced thrills, strong chemistry between a cast of characters, and interplay of fantasy, magic, warriors, and destiny in Realms of Terswood, book one of The Chronicler’s Awakening series.

Will Lone hold it together long enough to save his sister and reconcile with his father?