I am currently working on Seeds of Farsil, book three of the Chronicler’s Awakening. This will wrap up the intrigue with Alishia and Ruvaal. Also in the works are Arcanym and Venatus.

Necromancer of Urbus
The Chronicler’s Awakening, Prequel [Releasing March 2022]

Ladened with guilt, Cazlandt strides to the realm of Ubrus. He travels a world of wraiths and shadows in search of a means to revive a friend he killed centuries ago. The very essence of the realm threatens to corrupt his soul as he searches for a necromancer to teach him a new spell capable of pulling one back from that final curtain. Will Cazlandt find what he seeks? And will he make it out of Ubrus without taking a sliver of that cursed realm with him?

Trials of Throk’tar
The Chronicler’s Awakening, Book Two [Released Sep 7, 2021]

You can’t change what has already passed…right?

Throk’tar is the realm home to the gronyn, a race of mighty warriors; noble and strict in their traditions.

Alishia does not belong here.

While struggling to understand her newfound powers as the Chronicler, an encounter with an unlikely adversary throws Alishia into the distant past of Throk’tar. She journeys across the hostile land alongside bickering brothers, hunting the one that brought her to this realm in hopes of finding a way home.

All the while, Alishia is terrified one wrong step in the past might undo her own past. Luckily, her future self left her clues.

Journey alongside a strong female lead between the realms and through the Trials of Throk’tar, the second book in The Chronicler’s Awakening series. Find out if swords, spells, and intrigue can change the past’s future.

Could Alishia cause herself not to be born?

Realms of Terswood
The Chronicler’s Awakening, Book One [Released Nov 7, 2020]

An ancient weapon is the key to unlocking the past…and saving the future.

Magic is dying in the realm of Poas. Human archmages rule the frozen north while the svarters keep to their steamy forests in the south.

Lone, prince of the archmages, must set aside his thirst for adventure as he struggles to hold his nation together and find the root of magic’s demise alongside his half-sister Alishia. His aunt grieves for her son’s death and his father abandoned him years ago, leaving Lone to rely on other mages and his partner, the weaponmaster Bard.

Daemon and the undead rise against Lone as he unravels a centuries-old plot too late to stop, and failure means the death of his family and everything he holds dear.

Worlds collide for readers of any age who will love fast-paced thrills, strong chemistry between a cast of characters, and interplay of fantasy, magic, warriors, and destiny in Realms of Terswood, book one of The Chronicler’s Awakening series.

Will Lone hold it together long enough to save his sister and reconcile with his father?