Jamie M. Samland

Dark fantasy and comedy novelist

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Four novels finished, three published, and a collection of short stories out now.

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National Novel Writing Month, November 2021

The challenge is to write a 50k word novel starting and finishing within the month of November. I did and now I’m exhausted! It will take a lot to edit, but I have a first draft of Necromancer of Urbus, a Cazlandt-centric prequel.

About the Author

Author, video gamer, martial artist, programmer

This book started over twenty years ago as a disjointed collection of video game fan fiction, around the same time that I briefly trained in taekwondo. I quit both when my grandmother passed away. More than seventeen years later, in my mid-thirties, I restarted my martial art instruction. As I neared my black belt testing, I thought of what other projects I started and never finished. As with Lone, that was a long list. It took close to three years but I ended up with a story and characters I enjoyed writing about. I have the people and places of Poas in my mind and through the magic of writing, I can invite others to join me there.