Location Spotlight: Elogoh’an

Spotlights are a weekly (at least) post about a character, location, or concept from Poas (or adjacent realms). They offer a deep single-glance view that may other wise be spread across the pages.

Elogoh’an is the ancient catacombs of the svarters people, dating back twelve millennia to the First High Queen Ters. It was once heavily used by is now reserved for only the highest Sisters, Matrons, Queens, and Kings of the svarters. The last to be interred here were Teiris’s parents a decade ago. One must travel through the warrens beyond the House of Enid in Terswood and then a three day journey to transition into the realm of Tempus Fa. Here, at the base of the world tree Farsil is the entrance to the undercroft.

The goddesses Enid and Elphame stand guard over the clearing before Farsil. The entrance itself can only be opened by a Sister of the Moons or the queen of Terswood.

We see Teiris place her hands on the bark of Farsil, within the arch of inscribed stones, and will the gateway into Elogoh’an to open. She grins, expecting the gale of energy that comes every time the catacombs are unsealed. She is looking forward to the expression Daelin will have when he experiences the power of the undercroft. The queen pushes the bark aside like parting a curtain.

Nothing happens, only a faint whisper of power escapes.

Some force is souring the sanctity of Elogoh’an.

The entrance to Elogoh’an

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