Character Spotlight: Lone

Spotlights are a weekly post about a character, location, or concept from the Poas (or adjacent realms). They offer a deep single-glance view that may other wise be spread across the pages.

Prince Lone is the twenty-nine-year-old son of Daelin and Aaislin, born and raised in the frozen north of Dracon. He keeps his black hair longer than her father likes and his scruff is never enough to be called a beard. His emerald green eyes show him to be of the line of Cazlandt, a powerful archmage.

His mother was the first victim of the Red Bloom and died when Lone was only nine. He remembers the stories his mother used to tell him and the long walks they would share through the streets of Perith and farther south into the frozen woods. His father remarried when Lone was eleven and moved to Terswood to be with his new wife, Queen Teiris.

Lone attended the Royal Arcane Academy at Winstadt, where he worked with Kiol on a number of projects, all in the attempt to help the young grieving prince to get beyond the loss of his mother.

For the last ten years, Lone has acted as the main advisor to his aunt, Queen Lilan of Dracon while pursuing his defining work. Most every archmage has one or two things they really excel at it but Lone has yet to find it, despite his many and varied attempts.

Art by Ryan Allen

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