Character Spotlight: Dehset

The second book in The Chronicler’s Awakening series introduces a number of new characters but one of my favorites is Dehset Tekin, a first year crystal mage student of the Royal Academy in Dracon. Born to a poor family, Dehset started at the Academy at eighteen, far older than most. The son of a blacksmith and tanner in Evkasa, Dehset is good with his hands but has had little formal experience with using magic.

So far he’s been dropped into a number of situations well beyond his comfort or experience and has had to struggle through using his logical mind and natural aptitude for artifice.

I look forward to continuing the story of Dehset and how his journey ties into that of Alishia’s and Lone’s.

Spotlights are a weekly post about a character, location, or concept from the Poas (or adjacent realms). They offer a deep single-glance view that may other wise be spread across the pages.

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