Character Spotlight: Aiden Hauser

Book two is coming along really well, so I figure it’s fine to give a few spoilers/teasers. I posted about Dehset Tekin recently, well time for another character I love from Book two: Aiden Hauser. He was actually in Realms of Terswood, though not by name. Check the end of chapter 34.

Aiden and his twin brother Ethan are not from Poas and have learned to use their magic unfettered by the more conservative mages we’ve already met. Rather than casting a certain spell, they bend their powers to their current needs. Aiden’s power of light shaping allows him to create armor and weapons with just his will. Between living in a realm with two suns and his brother’s ability to create fire, he is rarely without this magic.

Aiden may be brash and loud but he is also a devoted protector of his home realm and his brother. The twins are constantly bickering, yet when Alishia laughs and comments on it, he responds confused and completely seriously, “Fight? When do we ever fight?”. The brothers have so much chemistry together and at times seem to write themselves.

A bit of fun trivia, Aiden was a character I played in Dungeons and Dragons. This, I’m sure, adds to the ease of writing him. He and his twin brother Ethan (played by my husband) were “Jumanji’ed” into a fantasy world. Despite being around elves and dragonpeople, they could talk like a modern person and make Fresh Prince references that no one else in the room would get. And like many of my favorite role playing characters, he was annoying, but with a strong personality and a ton of fun to play.

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