The Hubris of Man

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Trials of Throk’tar

The second book in The Chronicler’s Awakening series is in the hands of the alpha readers! It’s also had a name change. As Alishia is toying with her new power of Sight, she is taken by a most unexpected character. She travels across a foreign realm to restore her past. In the wake of hisContinue reading “Trials of Throk’tar”

Book Two Teaser

As we continue Alishia’s awakening, the Chronicler will see firsthand a scene she glimpsed in a book months ago. She thumbed The Scions of Flayme open to a random page. On the left side was an image of twin human brothers, one in gleaming plate armor holding a war hammer over his shoulder, the otherContinue reading “Book Two Teaser”


A wise woman once told me any job is made infinitely easier with the correct tools. Since the release of Realms of Terswood back in November 2020, I’ve started using a whole host of programs to improve my writing. Now while I do the first edit, Seeds of Farsil is getting deep, cleansing grammar scrub.Continue reading “REALMS Update”

SEEDS Update

The first draft of Seeds of Farsil is complete! I’ve broken the editing work into a number of phases and am mapping out how all that will happen and how to stay on track. I can’t give exact timelines just yet but there will probably be in the next five or six weeks that IContinue reading “SEEDS Update”

Wait, Did That Happen?

Realms of Terswood was about 103k words and I have a file of unused and deleted chapters with 60k words. I’m targeting Seeds of Farsil at 115k words and already have 30k in the “UNUSED” folder. The problem I’ve found with letting my brain write without much feedback from me is it creates a numberContinue reading “Wait, Did That Happen?”

Seeds at 50% and Rising

Today marks five months since the release of Realms of Terswood and I’m proud to announce the second book in the Chronicler’s Awaken series, Seeds of Farsil, is half way through the first edit. The second half still needs some work but things are still on track for a summer release. Daelin and Teiris takeContinue reading “Seeds at 50% and Rising”


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